• Chemistry of Applied Materials

    18.04.02 Energy- and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petroleum Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • ChemBio Cluster

  • Polina Khapaeva, +7 (950) 013-9739, khapaeva_polina@scamt-itmo.ru

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    305,000 rubles/year


    This interdisciplinary program focuses on the modern aspects of nanoengineering, nanotechnology, chemistry, and materials science. Special emphasis is placed on the engineering of functional nanoarchitectures for catalysis, biomedical applications, and photonics. The program follows a multidisciplinary approach to nanomaterial engineering for sustainability. It involves a wide range of courses delivered by top-tier scientists affiliated with the research center on such subjects as green chemistry; catalysis science and technology; inorganic chemistry & material science; sol-gel chemistry; computational modeling in material sciences, etc.

    Since their second semester, the students can choose an individual educational path in one of the following specializations:

    • Applied Materials
    • Nanopharmaceutics
    • Industrial Brokerage in the Field of Biotechnology and Nanoengineering


    Students get professional training in the field of sustainable energy, sustainable consumption, and environmentally friendly chemical technologies. The program offers a novel approach to research and education by effectively combining information technologies, data analysis, nanotechnologies, and chemistry.


    • Computational Methods and Modeling in Materials Chemistry
    • Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications
    • Advanced Materials
    • Advanced Methods in Chemical Nanoengeneering
    • Molecularly Organized Systems
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