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    27.04.05 Innovation Science
  • Institute of International Development and Partnership

  • Lina Kipryushina, +7 (981) 156-8860, art@itmo.ru

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    271,000 rubles/year 


    Art & Science is an interdisciplinary field of modern culture that exists at the interface of rational scientific and intuitive artistic cognition. These two fields combined make it possible to not just conceptualize the achievements of science but to also perceive its beauty and creative potential. The field of Art & Science transcends the traditional interpretation of both art and science and therefore offers many opportunities for innovations.

    Russia's first Master's program in Art & Science is implied for those who want to bridge the borders of subject-specific limitations and offers an opportunity to develop artistic intuition, fulfill one's creative potential and create individual projects that can answer today's global challenges by using the language of high technologies and creativity. Active artists who would like to discover new ways of expressing their creativity will be able to acquire the required technical skills; and those who have practical experience in the field of computer science, robotics, photonics, and biotechnologies will be able to uncover their creative potential in order to find new approaches to development and communication. We are also open to theoretical and research projects in the field of Art & Science.


    The emergence of such field as Art & Science in the second half of the 20th century was a natural consequence of the development of the global world. In the context of modern digital culture and high-tech environment art should seek to help preserve the humanistic values and come up with the answers to today's challenges and crises. The development of educational projects aimed at training the associated specialists shapes the essence of Art & Science, a unique environment for collaboration of research laboratories, artists, art experts, curators, and theoreticians.



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