• Science Communication

    27.04.05 Innovation Science
  • Institute of International Development and Partnership

  • Dmitriy Malkov, +7 953 377 55 08, scicomm@corp.ifmo.ru


    The program’s main purpose is to train specialists who possess a wide range of competences at the intersection of science and public communication and are capable of conducting the following types of professional activities:

    1. corporate communication at research organizations;
    2. science journalism;
    3. popular science projects;
    4. scientific visualization and illustration;
    5. informal education in the field of science; and many others.


    The Master’s program in science communication is aimed at developing the skills of effective communication in the field of science and technology, as well as explaining the role of science communication in creating favorable conditions for a nation’s sustainable scientific and technological progress.


    After graduation, the students will be able to work at PR departments of universities, research organizations and companies, as editors and science journalists, curators of science museums, science-related educational projects and science popularization centers, consultants on science communication at marketing agencies, as well as conduct research in the field of science communication and so on.


    The students are offered international internships and can participate in exchange programs at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, one of the leading centers of science communication in Europe.

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