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    262,000 rubles/year 


    Science communication is a professional and academic discipline uniting all forms of communication between science and society in all their diversity. The program trains multiskilled, versatile specialists possessing a wide range of competencies at the intersection of science and communications and capable of conducting the following kinds of professional activity:

    • corporate communication at research organizations;
    • science journalism;
    • implementation of popular science media projects;
    • creation of scientific exhibitions, museums, and science popularization centers;
    • scientific visualization and illustration;
    • informal education in the field of science; 

    and many others.

    Students and graduates also pursue research projects, making a contribution into the establishment of a fully fledged academic tradition in the field of science communication. Research work conducted as part of the program explores the topics of transmission and perception of scientific knowledge in society, the degree to which communication activities influence the achievement of scientific indicators, and many more. By applying for this program, you can become a trailblazer and make a mark on the development of an entire field.

    Among of the program’s key advantages are:

    • Uniqueness of the curriculum which blends innovative learning approaches with comprehensive fundamental and practical training;
    • Modular structure;
    • Project activities;
    • Specializations – students can choose between Curation and Creative Projects in Science Communication and Communication in Biotechnologies and Medicine;
    • Active research;
    • Internationalization – part of lectures and workshops are delivered in English;
    • Opportunities for academic mobility.


    As the public interest in research and technological progress grows, more and more career opportunities become available at various organizations involved in dialogue with society.

    The program is aimed at helping students develop the skills of effective communication in the field of science and technology, as well as form a comprehensive understanding of the role of scientific communication in the creation of conditions favorable for sustainable scientific and technological progress.


    The program is based on a practice-oriented approach, which provides students with the opportunity to work in their specialization without compromising their studies. 

    By participating in real-life projects by leading research centers and popsci initiatives, preparing materials for leading popsci and educational publications, conducting communications research, including on commission from businesses, students get the chance to try their hand at different career options and use this experience to choose the right career path and land a job offer.


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