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  • Olga Egorova, +7 (921) 928-4812, oegorova@itmo.ru


    380,000 rubles/year


    This joint corporate Master's program by ITMO University and Yandex is aimed at training highly qualified Data Science specialists who can develop, adapt and apply data analysis methods in a wide variety of subject areas using machine learning, time series analysis, natural language texts analysis, as well as images, sounds, and computer vision. Graduates of the program will be able to process large amounts of data using the methods of statistical analysis, machine learning, and neural networks.

    Learn more about the program in this article by ITMO.NEWS. 


    At the moment, there is hardly any subject area whose specialists don’t use data analysis methods in their work. They’re required everywhere: from production, advertising, and commerce to education and a whole range of other fields. Data design and storage, Big Data processing, as well as forecasting, reporting and multi-factor visualization – all these competencies are in demand in the modern labor market.

    Two specializations are available as part of the program:

    • Data Analysis Methods – for specialists who want to create/develop new methods/tools/software packages for data analysis;
    • Data Analysis Technologies  – for specialists who have a deep understanding of the existing methods and technologies for data mining and want to apply/adapt them to various subject areas.


    • Unstructured Data Analysis – DBMS Application Development
    • Machine Learning
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Convex Analysis and Optimization
    • Deep Learning


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