• Digital Urban Studies

    07.04.04 Urban Studies*
  • Institute of Design & Urban Studies

  • Ludmila Ivantsova, +7 (812) 457-1801, leivantcova@itmo.ru

  • Read more about this international Master's program here.

    *07.04.04 Urban Studies
      27.04.07 Research-Driven Technologies and Economics of Innovations


    305,000 rubles/year


    The Master’s program offers a combination of skills in system analysis of management processes and data analysis that allows the students to pursue their careers in the field of digitalization at the federal, regional, and municipal levels, including smart cities projects.

    Students can choose one of the following specializations:

    • State Information Systems Management
    • Digital Technologies for Smart Cities
    • Spatial Analysis in Urban Studies
    • Urban Planning
    • Sustainable Cities Development (in English)
    • Urban Lighting Design (in English)


    With the rapid growth of urban population, the importance of urban studies as an independent field of knowledge is also increasing. This educational program seeks to train highly-qualified specialists who will be ready to face the challenges posed by globalization.


    • Social Informatics
    • Evolution of Cities
    • Geoinformatics and Geographic Information Systems
    • Fundamentals of Transport Planning
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