• FoodTech

    19.04.01 Biotechnology*
  • Faculty of Biotechnologies

  • Ekaterina Sazonova, +7 (913) 298-6386, sazonova@itmo.ru

  • *19.04.01 Biotechnology
      19.04.02 Plant-Based Food Products
      19.04.03 Animal-Based Food Products

    Read more about this international Master's program here.


    305,000 rubles/year


    The FoodTech Master’s program is designed to train future experts in the food industry and technologies. By deciding to major in foodtech, you’ll be introduced to advanced methods for developing and producing various food products; food laws and regulations; fundamentals of nutrition; state-of-the-art approaches to diets and specialized food products; guidelines for the quality control and safety of products, as well as many other relevant fields of today’s food industry.

    The program offers several specializations:

    • R&D in FoodTech
    • Functional & Specialized Foods
    • Alternative Food Products
    • Innovative Approaches in FoodTech
    • Responsible Production


    Bursting with job opportunities, the food and drink industry is on the lookout for young professionals with solid academic and scientific backgrounds.


    • Physiology of Nutrition
    • Food Production Management
    • Sports Nutrition Diets
    • Food Analysis Methods
    • Food Chemistry and Analysis
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