• Light Guide Photonics and Programmable Electronics

    16.04.01 Physics and Engineering
  • Higher School of Engineering and Technology

  • Alexandr Makarenko, +7 (911) 920-3789, a_makarenko@mail.ru


    350,000 rubles/year


    Light Guide Photonics and Programmable Electronics is a comprehensive course aimed at training highly qualified specialists in fiber optics, electronics, programming, and computer modeling. 

    The program offers eight main specializations:

    1. Light Guide Photonics
    2. Programmable Electronics


    Today, practically all control and communication systems rely on programmable digital devices based on microcontrollers, signal processors, and programmable integrated logic circuits. The symbiosis of photonics and electronics makes it possible to expand the capabilities of modern devices, create technologies for transmitting terabit streams of information, and carry out precision measurements in remote and inaccessible places on the planet.


    • Modeling of Optical Systems
    • Electrical Trace Theory
    • Systems on a Chip
    • Special Issues of Programming
    • Modern Production of Optical Fibers


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