• Energy-Efficient Engineering Systems and Liquefied Natural Gas Technologies

    16.04.03 Refrigeration, Cryogenic Equipment and Life Support Systems
  • Higher School of Engineering and Technology

  • Daria Pluzhnikova, +7 (911) 245-5249, dvpluzhnikova@itmo.ru


    350,000 rubles/year


    Specialists in the fields of refrigeration, life support, and energy are highly praised in various economic sectors – from the space industry to agriculture. Heat and mass transfer devices for refrigeration equipment are widely used in the food industry, oil refining, gas production, shipbuilding, and public utilities. The students will learn to apply modern computer-aided technologies in the design and operation of energy systems, conduct experimental and theoretical research, construct models of technological processes, and determine possible trends.

    The program offers several specializations:

    • Energy-Efficient Climate Systems
    • Green Heating and Cooling Technologies
    • Automation and Control in Energy Systems
    • Solid-State Energy Conversion


    • Engineering Thermodynamics
    • Mathematical Modeling of Processes in Climate Systems (sp. Energy-Efficient Climate Systems)
    • Modern Methods of Control Theory (sp. Automation and Control in Energy Systems)
    • Thermotransformers Using Renewable Energy Sources (sp. Green Heating and Cooling Technologies)
    • Theoretical Methods of Calculating the Effective Properties of Structures of the Solid-State Energy Conversion (sp. Solid-State Energy Conversion)


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