• Agricultural Biotechnology

    19.04.01 Biotechnology
  • Faculty of Biotechnologies

  • Olga Sosnina, +7 (911) 701-6322, sosnina@itmo.ru


    271,000 rubles/year 


    The Agricultural Biotechnology program lies at the intersection of biology, chemistry, physics, technology, and agriculture. Its objects of research are viruses, bacteria, fungi, and tissues of plants, animals, and humans, as well as extracellular and cell components. Our graduates are able to create a wide range of products with certain properties for plant protection, food and feed supplements, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and medical applications.


    The increasing interest in the valorization of industrial by-products and advanced bioresource processing is one of the main reasons to study and optimize the extraction of biologically active substances and vital biopolymers, as well as their implementation. Modeling, development, and application of biopharmaceuticals requires the transition to low- and zero-waste technological cycles and the rational use of raw materials to reduce the human impact on the environment.

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