• Lighting Design

    27.04.07 Research-Driven Technologies and Economics of Innovations
  • Institute of Design & Urban Studies

  • Aleksandra Irityan-Irisova, +7 (921) 557-8095, s_irisova@itmo.ru

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    271,000 rubles/year


    The Lighting Design program was developed by high-class specialists of the University’s Creative Lighting Department (CLD ITMO University). It is designed for creative thinkers searching for new forms and tools to work with space both in theory and practice. It is equally beneficial both for new students and practicing specialists interested in professional transformation in the field of lighting design and design of interactive and lighting technologies, and architectural spaces.

    The program includes the following specializations:

    • Urban Design
    • Interactive Environment Design

    The first specialization focuses on the design of urban spaces such as buildings, parks, and streets, while the second – the design of exhibitions, museums, and others. Students choose their specialization at the beginning of their first year of studies. Specialization-specific studies start from the third semester.


    • The unique educational content of the program meets the demands of Russian and international professional markets
    • Participation in the development of lighting solutions for urban and interactive environments will help students find their career paths
    • Modern methods of problem-based learning, metadesign, and creative technologies will teach students to make objective decisions when choosing a project solution and be aware of the latest trends


    • Lighting Culture
    • Methodology of Project Management
    • Thinking
    • Creative Technologies (online)
    • Data Processing and Analysis (online) 
    • Principles and Methods of Light Modelling
    • Photonics, etc
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