• Infochemistry

    18.03.01 Chemical Engineering
  • Infochemistry Scientific Center

  • Ekaterina Skorb, +7 (999) 210-39-77,

  • Read more about this International Master's Program here.


    271,000 rubles/year


    The Master’s program in Infochemistry is aimed at training highly qualified specialists with an interdisciplinary understanding of complex systems in chemistry and biology, their experimental research, modeling, and prediction, as well as those capable of solving the tasks of personalized medicine and nutrition at a new level of Big Data analysis and understanding analogies and synergetics.


    The program’s graduates will have advanced professional training in the fields of self-organization of living systems, digitalization of biotechnology, synergetics, and creation of promising metastable systems far from equilibrium, as well as will be capable of solving modern problems of industry and society, and thus expanding the horizons of biotechnological technology.


    • Data Processing and Analysis  
    • Infochemistry
    • Topical Areas of Colloid Chemistry
    • Applied Artificial Intelligence
    • System Chemistry, etc



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