• Infochemistry

    18.04.01 Chemical Engineering
  • Infochemistry Scientific Center

  • Ekaterina Skorb, +7 (999) 210-3977, skorb@itmo.ru

  • Read more about this international Master's program here.


    350,000 rubles/year


    The Master’s program trains world-class specialists with a cross-disciplinary understanding of complex systems in chemistry and biology, including their experimental study, modeling, and prediction. During their studies, students address the challenges of modern personalized medicine, smart materials, agriculture, nutrition, etc.

    Starting their second year, students can choose one of the following specializations

    • Basics of Molecular Organized Systems
    • Digitalization of Chemical Technology


    Graduates of the program can pursue their careers in chemical technology and biotechnology, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical holdings, nanoengineering enterprises, and R&D departments, as well as enroll in leading PhD programs in chemistry and biotechnology both in Russia and abroad.


    • Data Processing and Analysis  
    • Infochemistry
    • Topical Areas of Colloid Chemistry
    • Applied Artificial Intelligence
    • System Chemistry, etc
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