• Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

    13.03.01 Thermal Power and Thermal Engineering
  • Faculty of Energy and Ecotechnology

  • Sergei Muraveinikov, +7 (904) 648-3068, ssmuraveinikov@itmo.ru

  • Head of the Program: Andrey Nikitin, Associate Professor

    Tuition fees

    255,000 rubles/year

    Program description

    The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program aims to train highly qualified specialists in the field of energy systems and equipment. The program’s close collaboration with leading enterprises gives students the opportunity to do their internships in specialized companies and thus put their knowledge and skills into practice. At the program, students take part in practice-oriented, development, research, and design projects initiated by the program's industrial partners.

    The disciplines included in the program allow students to fully embrace the principles of energy systems operation, energy-saving mechanisms, the ways for improving energy efficiency, as well as the challenges of implementing renewable energy.

    The program offers two specializations:

    • Energy Efficiency and Thermal Modes of Equipment and Devices;
    • Renewable Energy Resources.

    Program Relevance

    Energy transition is one of the biggest challenges humanity must face in the 21st century. Population growth, rising global energy demands, fossil fuel scarcity, and other environmental problems have drawn particular attention to renewable energy resources, the utilization of used energy sources, and the mutual integration of distributed and centralized energy systems. More and more companies around the world develop an interest in managing the processes of mutual operation of such systems in order to reduce energy costs, as well as create innovative mechanisms and technologies to transform, generate, and distribute energy flows.

    Key subjects

    • Heat and Mass Exchange Equipment of Energy Systems
    • Basics of Technological Design of Thermal Power and Thermal Engineering Equipment
    • Building Energy Modeling
    • Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
    • Process Automation in Thermal and Power Engineering
    • Renewable Energy Resources
    • Analysis and Processing of Thermophysical Experiment Results
    • Energophysical Monitoring


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