• Industrial Biotechnology

    19.04.01 Biotechnology
  • Faculty of Biotechnologies

  • Andrey Lazukin, +7 (921) 551-0422, aalazukin@itmo.ru


    305,000 rubles/year


    The Industrial Biotechnology Master’s program is designed to train high-class specialists for the pharmaceutical, agro-industrial, and food industries.

    By choosing this program, you will gain an insight into the work of modern biotechnology production. You will participate in the transformation and optimization of biotechnological processes, learn from the representatives of the university’s partner organizations, and master innovative methods used by leading biotech companies, including digitalization, data analysis, mathematical modeling, and predictive analytics.


    The ongoing pandemic, the increased demand for medicine, and enormous growth in global production call for fast and efficient solutions that will be up to date with the increasing technological process requirements and market trends.


    • Predictive Analytics in Chain Supply Management
    • Digital Analogs of Biotechnological Productions
    • Processes and Equipment of Biotechnological Production
    • Design of Biotechnological Production
    • Quality and Safety of Biotechnological Products


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