• Chemistry and Artificial Intelligence

    18.04.02 Energy- and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petroleum Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • ChemBio Cluster

  • Polina Khapaeva, +7 (950) 013-9739, khapaeva_polina@scamt-itmo.ru

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    305,000 rubles/year


    This Master’s program is designed for those students who would like to develop competencies at the intersection of chemistry and artificial intelligence. During their training, students will dive into data-driven and statistical methods, acquire programming and algorithmic skills, as well as learn to create predictive models and develop theoretical and experimental scientific hypotheses.


    • Nanopharmaceutics
    • Applied Materials
    • Computational Design of Materials
    • Industrial Brokerage in the Field of Biotechnology and Nanoengineering


    The Chemistry and Artificial Intelligence Master’s program aims to train a new generation of interdisciplinary specialists who will be able to use their knowledge of AI and machine learning in chemistry and materials science to create innovative materials for modern economies.


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