• Science Communication

    27.04.05 Innovation Studies
  • Institute of International Development and Partnership

  • Daria Denisova, +7 (921) 384-3226, scicomm@itmo.ru


    305,000 rubles/year


    Science communication is a professional and academic field embodying all current forms of communication between science and society. This Master’s program trains multiskilled, versatile specialists possessing a wide range of competencies at the intersection of science and communication and capable of conducting the following kinds of professional activities:

    • corporate communication at research organizations;
    • science journalism;
    • implementation of popular science media projects;
    • creation of scientific exhibitions, museums, and science popularization centers;
    • scientific visualizations and illustrations;
    • informal science education, etc.


    As the public interest in research and technological progress grows, more and more career opportunities become available at various organizations involved in a dialogue with society. The program is aimed at helping students master effective communication in the field of science and technology, as well as form a comprehensive understanding of the role of science communication in the creation of conditions favorable for sustainable scientific and technological progress.


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