• Deep Learning and Generative AI

    01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Information Technologies and Programming Faculty

  • Sergey Muravyov, +7 (911) 241-6014, smuravyov@itmo.ru


    380,000 rubles/year


    The Deep Learning and Generative AI Master’s program trains IT specialists who will be able to design and apply advanced machine learning algorithms and AI systems. The program is created for prospective students with fundamental skills in machine learning and experience in developing algorithms. 

    Students have the opportunity to pursue one of the following specializations: 

    • Mathematical and Algorithmic Foundations of AI
    • Frontier AI Technologies


    Graduates of the program may pursue their careers as ML/AI researchers and ML/AI research engineers.


    • Theory of Deep Learning
    • AI Methods for Natural and Artificial Language Processing
    • AI Systems Verification
    • Automated Machine Learning
    • Algorithms for Interpretable AI


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