• Wireless Technologies

    12.03.02 Optical Engineering*
  • Faculty of Physics

  • Vitaly Vasjanovics, + +7 (909) 589-92-33, v.vasjanovics@metalab.ifmo.ru

  • *12.03.02 Optical Engineering
     16.03.01 Physics and Engineering
     16.03.03 Refrigeration, Cryogenic Equipment and Life Support Systems

    Head of the Program: Stanislav Glybovski, PhD

    Tuition fees

    330,000 rubles/year 

    Program description

    The Wireless Technologies Bachelor’s program combines physics and mathematics with the latest R&D advances in current and prospective wireless data transmission systems, drone navigation, and personalized medicine. The program aims to train highly skilled professionals who can carry out scientific studies in modern physics and create technologies, which will be in-demand in Russia and abroad.

    Key subjects

    • Fundamentals of Optics
    • Applied Optics
    • Optical Measurements
    • Emitters and Receivers of Optical Radiation
    • Fundamentals of Optoelectronic Devices and Systems Design


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