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Alexey Romanov

Alexey Romanov


In 1971, Mr. Romanov Graduated with honors from St.Petersburg Polytechnic University with a degree in physics of metals. Then he obtained his PhD degree in 1981. 


• PhD thesis on solid state physics (1981)

• Professorial thesis on screened disclination in solids (1989).

Job titles 

• Researcher of Solid-State Theory Sector of Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1981-present). Currently Alexey Romanov serves as senior researcher. 

• Professor of nanostructure physics of University of Tartu Institute of Physics (2010-present)

• Head of "Optogan" corporate group (2009-2014).

Selected Publications 

Some 300 papers in refereed journals (250 of them are included in ISI Web of Science). Among them:

1. V.G. Gryaznov, I.A. Polonsky, A.E. Romanov, and L.I. Trusov, "Size effects of dislocation stability in nanocrystals", Physical Review B, 1991, vol. 44, No 1, pp. 42-46.

2. A.E. Romanov and V.I. Vladimirov, "Disclinations in crystalline solids", in F.R.N. Nabarro ed. "Dislocations in solids", North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1992, vol. 9, pp. 191-402.

3. A.A. Nazarov, A.E. Romanov, and R.Z. Valiev, "On the structure, stress fields and energy of nonequilibrium grain boundaries", Acta Metallurgica et.Materialia, 1993, vol. 41, No 4, pp. 1033-1040.

4. A.E. Romanov, P.M.Petroff, and J.S. Speck, “Lateral ordering of quantum dots by periodic subsurface stressors", Applied Physics Letters, 1999, vol. 74, No 16, pp. 2280-2282.

5. A.E. Romanov, "Modeling of misfit and threading dislocations in epitaxial heterostructures", Zeitschrift für Metallkunde, 2005, vol. 96, No5, pp.455-464.

6. A.E. Romanov, T.J. Baker, S. Nakamura, and J.S. Speck, "Strain-induced polarization in wurtzute III-nitride semipolar layers", Journal of Applied Physics, 2006, vol. 100, No 2, p. 023522 (1-10).

7. A.E. Romanov and A.L. Kolesnikova, "Application of disclination concept to solid structures", Progress in Materials Science, 2009, vol. 54, No 6, pp. 740-769.

8. M. Ali, O. Svensk, L. Riuttanen, M. Kruse, S. Suihkonen, A.E. Romanov, P.T. Torma, M. Sopanen, H. Lipsanen, M.A. Odnoblyudov, and V.E. Bougrov, "Enhancement of near-UV GaN LED light extraction efficiency by GaN/sapphire template patterning", Semiconductor Science and Technology, 2012, vol. 27, No 8, pp.082002 (1-5). 

9. S. Lipnitskaya, K. Mynbaev, L. Nikulina, V. Kramnik, V. Bougrov, A. Kovsh, M. Odniblyudov, A. Romanov, "Investigation of light extraction from light emitting module chip-on-board", Optical Review, 2014, vol. 21, No 5, pp. 655-658.

10. S. Vlassov, B. Polyakov, L.M. Dorogin, M. Vahtrus, M. Mets, M. Antsov, R. Saar, A. E. Romanov, A. Lohmus, and R. Lõhmus, "Shape restoration effect in Ag-SiO2 core-shell nanowires, Nano Letters", 2014, vol.14, issue 9, pp. 5201-5205.

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