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Maria Didkovskaia


My childhood dream was to become a doctor, so I still love helping people and carry a pack of Band-Aids in my purse.

As a sophomore in high school I won a U.S. government-sponsored scholarship and became a Future Leaders exchange student in Washington State. Inspired by what I saw and experienced, I came home and was accepted to St. Petersburg State Electro-technical University that had just launched a program for Public Relations, one of the first in the country. While being a full-time, state-sponsored student I also worked at the American Medical Center and later at Children’s Euromed Clinic. There I developed new projects and managed the launch of new services as well as the opening of new offices.

The next big step was becoming a co-owner of a vending company “Vending Pro” that in less than five years we brought from an idea on a napkin to one of the most progressive vending networks in St. Petersburg and a major player in the vending market.

My people skills found a new rewarding application when working as program director for “Grand Circle Cruise Line”, a U.S.-based tour operator, where I organized activities, entertainment and shore excursions for American tourists enjoying Russia’s “Golden Ring”.

In 2012, I was invited to lecture at the International Higher School of Management in St. Petersburg and conducted intensive courses on business aspects of joint Russian-Finnish enterprises as well as several master classes. Teaching turned out to be a very exciting experience and inspired by students’ feedback I got to expand the scope and length of the courses the following year.

In 2014, I joined the ITMO University team of highly motivated professionals driven by a common vision to establish the University as a global player that consistently ranks in the top 100 of world’s best schools. My initial position as the head of the Internationalization Department was soon augmented by also being the Director of the Foreign Language Center that we developed and launched in under a year.

My baby daughter Miroslava already is a proud owner of several t-shirts with ITMO University logos. When she starts speaking English, I’m sure one of her first words will be «IT’s MOre Than a University”!

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