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Ekaterina Tambulatova
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The mission of the Faculty of Ecotechnologies (GreenTech) is to pave the way towards a sustainable future through a synthesis of cutting-edge research, contemporary education, and collaboration with industrial and educational partners, as well as the state and the public. 

Key fields

  • ecology and technosphere safety;
  • bioenergy and bioconversion;
  • recycling and reusing;
  • emissions reduction and monitoring;
  • environmental monitoring, control and management;
  • industrial ecology;
  • methodology of physical and chemical measurements;
  • environmental management systems;
  • circular economy;
  • environmental certification and declaration;
  • environmental hedging;
  • decarbonization of economy and energy systems, reduction of greenhouse emissions;
  • green energy and construction;
  • energy efficiency and conservation;
  • recycling and industrial symbiosis;
  • lifecycle assessment and sustainable design. 

GreenTech trains highly skilled and sought-after specialists in ecology and sustainable development who can build a future-proof career as environmental ecologists, ecological designers, urban ecologists, recycling technologists, and so on. 

Bachelor’s programs

Master’s programs

PhD programs

  • Earth Science;
  • Food Systems;
  • Ecology.


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