At a Glance

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for the holistic development of individuals and to inspire them to tackle global challenges.

Our Philosophy

It's more than a University!

Our Strategy

ITMO University Strategy 2020-2027

Our Values

Respect for the Individual

We appreciate individuality and try to see the unique traits in every person and help them grow and learn through providing opportunities for personal development and fulfilling their potential. 



We are honest to ourselves, our work, the university, our colleagues and the students.
The reputation of the university and its values are more important than personal gain. 


Academic Freedom

We have the freedom to exchange information, to choose, to implement our own ideas and personal plans while being aware and responsible for the consequences of our actions. 



We are open to new ideas and people; we welcome change and are open to dialogue and collaboration.



We love what we do, we want to and are ready to change the world around us for the better. 



Map Building plans

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