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Institute of International Development and Partnership

Daria Kozlova

As a top-tier Russian research university, ITMO demonstrates its global outlook in all areas of academic cooperation, from research to teaching and student exchanges.

The Institute of International Development and Partnership (IIDP) bridges ITMO University with the international community.

Head of the Institute, Daria Kozlova, and the Institute's offices and departments are responsible for implementing ITMO's global strategic goals, fostering international partnerships in the field of research and education, as well as enhancing the University's visibility worldwide.

As part of its responsibilities, the Institute of International Development and Partnership

  • develops and coordinates ITMO University's international educational activities;
  • cooperates closely with ITMO's partner universities and represents ITMO on the international arena;
  • supports international students currently enrolled at ITMO University, ensuring their comfort, safety and efficient studies;
  • manages ITMO's activities regarding bilateral research cooperation with Asian partners;
  • works with international researchers and institutional delegations visiting ITMO;
  • organizes and coordinates lectures by international experts;
  • enhances ITMO University's visibility both online and offline.
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