International research centers

International research centers

International research centers

Research is integral to ITMO University. In order to continue to contribute and excel at the highest level, ITMO University has several formed International Research Centers between University's departments and their international counterparts. Many of them also have industry partners as well.

49 International research centers form the university's R&D hub in the core competence areas.

Here you can get more information about  each Center relevant to your scientific interest


Photonics and optics Photonics, optics, lasers
Natural sciences Physics, chemistry, mathematics
«Smart» materials, nanomaterials and nanotechnology Metamaterials, materials
Intelligent technology and robotics IT, instrumentation, mechatronics
Life sciences and health Biology, Biotechnology, criotechnology
IT in economics, social sciences and art Economics, management














If you're looking to collaborate with an international research center, feel free to contact the center of interest directly or email the International Department at

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