Affiliated Degree Departments


Affiliated Degree Departments

ITMO University focuses on a hands-on training approach and continuously expands its partnership programs with Russia’s leading tech companies.

Affiliated Degree Departments are set up and financed directly by businesses. They offer effective educational programs that tap into the expertise of current experts, train students for real jobs and provide them with hands-on training within the company itself. The curriculum includes real-life case studies and internships, which often lead to full-time employment and the start of a successful career.

Currently the university has 21 such Departments.

Some of the partner companies are:

  • Group (Department of Software Engineering and Verification)
  • Diakont (Department of Technology Security Systems)
  • Hi-Tech Cluster
  • United Elements (Department of Industrial HVAC Equipment).

Some programs have been around for several decades, such as the Department of Integrated Manufacturing Preparation Systems. The Center for Speech Technologies founded the Department of Speech Information Systems at ITMO University four years ago. In 2015, ITMO University signed an agreement with EMC Corp. to start an IT education and research center.

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